Bendt Distilling Co. Lewisville, TX

Look no further than Bendt Distilling Co. for a distinctive and thrilling experience in Lewisville, Texas after your Boat Rental is complete. This family-run distillery specializes in producing mouthwatering, uniquely Texan small-batch artisanal spirits.

In addition to providing a variety of whiskies aged in oak casks, Bendt Distilling Co. takes pleasure in employing locally derived components in its spirits, such as Texas maize in its vodka. Visitors can learn about the distilling process and have a greater understanding of the craft of producing spirits by visiting the distillery for tastings and tours.


Spirits connoisseurs will value the chance to try some of Bendt Distilling Co.’s distinctive spirits. Visitors will be given a hands-on distilling experience throughout the tour and shown several components of the distilling process, including the use of organic grains that are locally obtained and real copper stills.

Bendt Distilling Co. routinely conducts activities at their distillery, such as cocktail lessons and live music events, in addition to the tours and tastings, making it a great choice for a fun night out. Visitors can unwind in the on-site cocktail lounge and try some of Bendt’s specialty drinks made with their own premium spirits.


The Bendt Distilling Co. also maintains a retail location where they sell a range of alcoholic beverages, such as whiskies and vodkas, as well as accessories and presents. Along with a selection of goods including branded shirts, hats, glasses, and more, visitors will have the chance to buy their preferred alcoholic beverages to take home.


In conclusion, Lewisville, Texas’s Bendt Distilling Co. is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the distilling process and the world of handcrafted spirits. It’s a fun and interesting experience that you won’t want to miss thanks to its warm and welcoming ambiance, pleasant personnel, and a vast selection of spirits to try and buy! Read about LLELA Nature Preserve, Lewisville, TX.