Life is simple…just add water!




What is included in my lake excursion?

  • Experienced Captain
  • We supply one (1) small cooler on our boat.  It comes empty, so be sure to purchase ice (enough for the duration of your excursion) and all beverages! Guests are welcome to bring their own small cooler with food and drinks on board.
  • Premium sound system w/ bluetooth capabilities 
  • Surf & wakeboards (upon request) 
  • Water skis (upon request) 
  • 6’x18’ lily pad floating mat (upon request)
  • Tube (upon request-Addition $100) 
  • Bimini top for shade 
  • Lifejackets. Lifejackets will be provided for every person boarding our boat. There are multiple sizes available to accommodate everyone. Please feel free to bring your own if you wish. 
  • Fuel

What is NOT included in my excursion? 

  • Food and Drinks 
  • Ice 
  • Towels 
  • Sunscreen

What to bring on my excursion? 

  • Towel 
  • Camera 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Hat 
  • Bring comfortable clothes 
  • Bathing suit  
  • Sunscreen (no oils please)
  • Music Playlist
  • Extra cash

 Do we need to arrive early? 

  • Yes, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to process payment and load/unload your belongings.  
  • Waivers must be signed before departure 

Refund and Cancellation Policy –

  • Free cancellations until five (5) days before the excursion start date.
  • 50% refund for cancellations between two (2) to five (5) days before the excursion start date.
  • Cancellations within two (2) days before the excursion start date are non-refundable. 

What is the rain policy? 

  • Rain checks are offered when weather conditions are dangerous (i.e., high winds, lightning, tornado watches/warnings). Whatever Floats Your Boat WILL NOT offer a rain check if conditions are merely not-ideal, such as it being overcast or light misting. Rain checks are NEVER offered in advance.
  • When issued a rain check, it MUST be used within the same season of the date that it was issued or it will be forfeited.

Do I need to wear a life jacket? 

  • Per Texas Law, children 13 and under must wear life vests at all times. Please advise how many children will be on board.

Can I bring my own drinks and food? 

  • Food and drinks are most definitely welcome on board! But please remember not to bring anything that could stain the seats. Stains on the seats will be considered damage and will come out of your damage deposit. 

Can I bring alcohol on my excursion? 

  • Yes, you are permitted to bring and drink alcohol on our boat. All guests must be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol. All lakes are monitored by Texas Game Wardens, who will stop boaters driving or acting erratically. Game Wardens also verify the ages of folks drinking on the boat. 
  • If a guest throws up in the boat due to alcohol consumption, there will be an additional $150 cleaning fee and the excursion will be terminated IMMEDIATELY for safety precautions with no refund.

Items not allowed –

  • No illegal drugs  
  • No smoking of any kind 
  • No glass containers 
  • No pets